corten garden low border wall
corten border edge parts image

600mm tall Corten Panels are screwed together using SS TEK screws

Support posts are installed between straight panels for stability

corten panels screwed together with TEK screws

Corten Panels screwed together with SS TEK screws

All corten is supplied as unweathered blue steel, and oxidises over time, with exposure to the elements.

corten steel posts and panel back view

3mm Corten Angle Post TEK screwed to panels

Posts are placed between straight panel sections

All posts have pre-drilled pilot holes, matching the corten pilot holes

Corten steel corner joiner part

Pre drilled pilot holes

All corten panels, posts, and joining pieces have pre drilled pilot holes

This makes assembly with stainless steel TEK screws quick and easy

Tools needed

5/16th” (7.9mm) Nut driver
Variable speed drill
G clamps
Ratchet spanner
Tape measure
Drill extension bar (optional)

Angle post lengths

3mm thick posts are placed between straight panel sections


Post embedment is half post length
Select post length based on soil type and loads on wall,
Soft soils with full height retaining, should use the longest post option, which provides the most stability
If the ground behind the wall is supporting a driveway or other surcharge loads, the panel lengths should be shortened and the post lengths increased
Drainage must be installed behind all retaining walls

corten retaining wall with capping
corten retaining wall 600mm tall
corten retaining wall corner detail
corten capping bracket detail